Posted by: lifeonislandtime | July 20, 2015

Paris Redux 2.0

Paris redux 2.0
When in the initial stages of planning our trip, we didn’t want to come in to a town we hadn’t seen and feel like we needed to sightsee while jet lagged. We decided on Paris. 
You will recall, the last time We went to Paris we didn’t have the best of times. Our flat was tiny, hot, smelly, and was in a sector of the city where people worked but didn’t live. There were few restaurants, and those were strange. 
This time, we chose to stay on the edge of a tourist district, but actually in a suburban district. This was a better choice all around. The metro was near, there were restaurants and shops nearby that were open typical hours, and the energy on the street was more positive. We enjoyed Paris this time around.
It was also nice not feeling that we HAD to see everything, because it was our second time through. My advice to a traveller would be to decide what you HAVE to see, and see it. If there’s time for other things, see them too, but don’t feel rushed. Recovering from jet lag takes time, and you need to give yourself the time to recover before you can enjoy your trip. We didn’t last time; I’m glad we did this time. 




  1. Yay! You’re on your way! Loving it so far. I’m current through Normandy. Were there pictures with The Trocadero? All other pics are showing up but this one just showed four little black square boxes with x’s in them? Keep it coming! Kathy King

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