Posted by: lifeonislandtime | July 20, 2022

A Late Arrival

So, the trip started out delayed. By 2 years, in fact. This is the 3rd time I’ve planned this trip. The first time was in 2019 getting ready for a summer 2020 trip. When covid hit, we naively thought that “smashing the curve” would work and we would be able to travel by summer. When the cruise got cancelled, I then had to go through and cancel everything else. In 2021, we figured things would be settled enough (with vaccines in all the developed world and Europe being deemed safe) that we could travel, so I started the planning process again.

We started out of Seattle on a 7pm flight. With the chaos in airports this summer we decided to get to the airport early. Early enough, that we ended up meeting my parents at the gate, something we have all forgotten about. We boarded late (paperwork issue) and waited on the tarmac until it was resolved. Luckily it was paperwork and not a plane issue. We flew business class, and enjoyed the novelty of crystal glasses, real plates and silverware, and of course, lay-flat seats. We snoozed our way over the Atlantic. In fact, mom and dad slept through breakfast.

On landing,we headed for the tube station and made our way to Tower Hill. This is where the snags started. The circle and district lines, that take us to our hotel, were down for the weekend. The tube dropped us a few miles from our stop. They problem is, the closer you get to Tower Hill, the fewer options you have for transport. We tried taking the UberBoat. They were full. We tried a bus. It was full. We tried hailing a cab. None would stop. Finally, we found a cabbie on break, and he hailed a cab for us. What should have been an hour tube ride from the airport turned into a 6 hour ordeal filled with hauling luggage around central London and missing planned activities. We ended our evening at The Traitor’s Gate pub, the only non-national-chain pub rear to the tower. Dinner was wonderful, and after a short walk along the river, we went to bed. Not as anticipated, but we were finally in London!


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