Posted by: lifeonislandtime | July 20, 2022

A Hotter Day…

We started out at the Tower. Our adventures on day one put us out of sorts and a bit behind the 8-ball in terms of seeing all we could. Today was seeing the Crown Jewels (mom and dad) and the Ravens (Travis and I). After we saw the Ravens enclosure (I forgot to bring my book for the Ravenmaster to sign) Trav and I headed out to the wall walk and inside the for,Dr prison chambers to look at the graffiti. We were all meeting up for the Yeoman Warner talk, and Trav and Imcame out of one of the towers to see 2 of the ravens on the wall next to us. They were preening and grooming each other, and allowed us to get very close; close enough for a selfie, in fact. So even though I didn’t get a signature for my book, I did get my up-close interaction with the ravens.

Our next activity was the hop-on-hop-off bus. Since London is like Seattle, in that it doesn’t get super hot much, there is little air conditioning. This includes busses, and especially tourist busses. The lower part of the bus has shade, but no airflow. The upper part is open, so,it has no shade, but airflow. The kicker is this, though: it is only applicable when the bus is moving. Sadly, we got caught in traffic in full su, so we inched along in 100+ degree heat in the city center. By the time we got off the bus, we were grateful to find the first Starbucks we could.

Shopping in Carnaby street, the center of Mod London, brought us to The Rolling Stones store. They had lots of different Stones items, from keychains to albums, to shirts. We took pictures and looked around, but didn’t want to pack anything home when it’s all available online. The Vans store has a Location-specific shirt I got, but we didn’t want to buy too much.

By the time we finished with Carnaby street, we decided to venture up to Abbey Road. The studio was open for recording, but not tours. We went in the gift shop, got some Beatles swag, and headed out. Our next stop was Paddington station to get our train for Windsor, but after waiting in line to pickup our tickets, we discovered the train was cancelled due to heat. We were sorry to miss dinner with mom’s friend Rita, but we regrouped and splurged on a cab to the Hard Rock Cafe. We finished the evening with an UberBoat on the River. We thought it would cool us off, but it was just as hot. The next day, we headed for Paris.


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