Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 12, 2017

Harry Potter: The Play

When we finalized our London plans, I started looking at tickets to "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". They are the ultimate "ungettable get" for people. If you live in London, and have a flexible schedule, it's not too terrible. You can go to the theater at 10 am and wait for any ticket returns, or you can look for same day releases online. If you're in London for any reason and have an unlimited budget you can usually get "stall" tickets on the main level floor the day or a couple days before for about £225 per seat per performance (there are 2 parts, so it's basically 2 full plays in one day). We are neither of those. Our next solution was to watch online weekly for online postings of returned tickets.

In my mind, the real problem with all of this is two-fold: the tour groups and hotels buy up huge blocks of tickets for tours and hotel packages, then the tickets left are the super expensive ones. The nice part of this is that as the tickets are released others have a crack at them. Problem being, they're released on London time. More specifically at 8am London time. That's midnight our time.

After months of this, we finally struck pay-dirt. Over Memorial Day weekend, we finally got tickets. Affordable ones, even! We were in the "Dress Circle" of the Palace Theater. In American English, that means we were on the mezzanine. Like the theaters in New York, the theaters in London are set up for good views from most seats. Our seats were supposed to be good.

We spent the last full day on London at Harry a Potter the Play. If you've read the screenplay, you've only gotten half the story. The play makes the story come to life. It has great effects, phenomenal actors, and a great score.

I can't tell much more. One of the things about the Play is that the Play itself was leaked a while back, and J.K. Rowling put out a message to her followers to #KeeptheSecrets so that everyone has a chance to be surprised by the Play. They kept the secrets, and now everyone gets a button with that has the hashtag on it, and an email message from Rowling reminding everyone to not tell the secrets.

The most I'll do is show a couple of the stationary sets. But if you do happen to get to London and either have enough time to plan, or are willing to stand in line each day, or have an unlimited budget, the Play is totally worth it. Of course, it's coming to New York next year. Just in case you find yourself on the East coast…

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