Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 3, 2017

The Magical World of Harry Potter

I realize the Universal Studios attraction has that name. The London studio does not. To get to the Warner Brothers Studios, Leavsden you need to take the train. It's about 2 hours by first Tube, then train, and finally by bus. You arrive to a massive soundstage that holds the large permanent sets for the 8 Harry Potter movies. These include the Great Hall, the boys dormitory, the Ministry of Magic, and Diagonal Alley. What makes this more "magical", (if you'll excuse the term) are the collections of costumes and props used in the movies. For instance, the cupboard under the stairs has stored items typically found in a hall closet: vacuum, sporting goods, old shoes, and Harry's cot. The majority of the items came from the basement of the prop director. The costumes include special linings, stitching, and details that make them look as they were expected in the books.

Although the studio does not include a ride (a fact Travis found lacking) being on the sets used and looking at them up close made the movies come to life more. Though you don't get a ride, the tour concludes with a walk-around of the scale model built to do exterior shots. It was probably the most awe-inspiring part of the tour. He detail of the castle is minute, and exacting. It is a 1:64 scale model, yet stands about 8 feet high. It was awesome.

One thing the studio tour did do that is reminiscent of the theme parks, is exit your tour into the gift shop. This way you can leave even more money behind…



  1. Awesome photos and story! Keep them coming! xoxo j

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