Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 3, 2017

A Note About Museums…

Poor Travis. He is crazy/brave enough to take a history wonk to Europe. This means we see lots of museums. Don't believe me? Take a stroll through the back posts of this blog. It's ok. I'll wait…

So. Museums. One thing that you learn about museums in Europe is that they can be categorized 3 ways, regardless of content or topic: 1) well done; well laid out, informative, and engaging 2) decent; ok exhibits, somewhat informative, engaging in parts 3) rubbish; not informative, poor exhibits, not engaging.

The strange part is that some of the museums have a mix of all 3 if they're large enough. Prestigious museums don't escape, either. For instance, the prestigious Museé de l'Armeé in Paris is complete rubbish. It's nothing but uniforms and "alternate facts" in poor translation. My French is abominable, and even I could tell the translations were sloppy. Conversely, the tiny Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum (Museum of Crime and Punishment) in Rothenburg, Germany is well done, even though every exhibit is in Latin or German.

I bring this up because Travis and I are activating our London Passes this week. It includes admission to just about every museum, historic site, historic walk, and cathedral in London, all of which fall on my rating scale. More importantly, they all have many placards, plaques, videos and historic significance to keep me happy forever. Trav…not so much…



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