Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 15, 2015


Of all the cities we visited in Britain, York is the one with history just “lying about” the place. Because the town sits on a crossroads and the confluence of 2 rivers, it’s been important for about 3000 years.
For me, the cool part about York is its still-in-use medieval buildings. 
On top of the Roman fort and town, the Vikings made their town. During the Middle Ages, the town was built on top of all of this. The timber structures are in remarkably good condition, and if you walk under the cantilevered 2nd story (that hangs out over the street) you can see the craftsmanship of how the building was built. No nails here, just tongue-and-groove and wooden pegs. It’s amazing.
As you go through the museum, there are many remarkable items: Viking ceremonial swords, roman ceremonial rings, coin hoards, jewelry. Nearly all of it has been found in the last 20 years by York residents. The sword by an 8 year old boy out walking his dog. The ring by a man metal-detecting around his house. The coin hoard by a guy mowing his lawn 5 years ago.
As I said, lying about the place.
I really need to move to York…


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