Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 15, 2015

The Lake District

The Lake District
It’s rained a bit in the trip. Living where we do, that’s not a hardship.
Why the rain seems to follow you, however, it gets trying.
In Keswick, we rolled in around dinner time. It was overcast, but not raining. We walked around, went to the lake, marveled at what beauty we could see around the low cloud cover. We had dinner and returned to our B&B.
The next day, we decided to pitch ‘n putt golf. It was clear. We got to the 2nd tee, and it started raining. We put on our rain jackets, and continued playing. It is the Northwest way, after all. 
We finished golfing, and on our way out, we were going to go see the local stone circle. It’s older than Stonehenge, and not as interesting, but you can go right up to the stones.
We get up to the stones (up a really narrow, twisty, road) and just as we get out of the car…it starts to POUR. we dash across the road, stand I the middle of the stones, take a quick picture, and run back to the car. In the 5 minutes we were at the stones, we got soaked. Pants wet, shoes wet, rain driven down the rain jacket. 
At this point, I think the rain is following us…


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