Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 15, 2015

Let’s Motor!

Let’s Motor!
The main reason we went to Oxford was to tour the Mini Cooper factory.
What a cool experience! The factory is HUGE (ironic, for such a small car) and you start where they assemble the frame. By robot. Yes, you read that right. The frame is assembled by robot. It was super-cool to see these giant robots assemble these pieces, then transfer them to the conveyor rear the roof. Once they are all assembled, the shell is put on.
This was the second place we saw. We don’t get to see the paint shed, or the part where the shell is applied to the frame, but we saw all the innards of the car going in. 
Because Mini is owned by BMW, the German precision and work ethic is present. Everything is measured with computerized cameras to tolerances of 1/3 the width of a human hair. Everything is ergonomic to each technician working, and the height of the car raises or lowers as it gets to that technician. This is to prevent bending and stooping, and reduce back injuries. If you do need to see a doctor, however, no worries. They have one in-house. They also have their own dentist. Of most interest to Travis, Mini has it’s own Fire Brigade and emergency responders.
The tour was definitely better than the university…


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