Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 15, 2015

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall
I used to think of Hadrian’s Wall as just a wall built to keep the murderous blue Picts out of Britain. That’s only part of it.
Hadrian’s wall was a military fortification, with actual forts every mile. Each fort had barracks, a command post, a General’s house, a bathhouse, and really well-engineered latrines. It was a small city.
Standing in the ruins of one of the forts, I truly came to appreciate the Roman military. The true genius of the Romans wasn’t in their tactics. It was in their ability to organize. Within each unit were soldiers who had been trained for other professions before becoming soldiers. Such as masons, and carpenters, and Brewers, and stone cutters. When these troops get to the fringes of the empire, they have the skills to build their fort. 
Each fort was the same. If you were transferred to a different fort, you didn’t need to learn your way around. It was the same. Your rations were the same, your sleeping quarters were the same, your uniform was the same. The organization of this army was repeated across the empire. Imagine the level of organization that this type of coordination would take in an empire the size of Rome’s. Staggering.
Now imagine organizing all of that without computers…


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