Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 15, 2015

Edinburgh Tattoo

Edinburgh Tattoo
I’m a band geek. Have been all my life. My high school had 2 bands: the marching band (traditional band) and the pipe band. Because our mascot was the Highlander, the pipe band was sorta like a super-talented mascot. We had bagpipers, drummers, and dancers. I, being the band geek I was, joined both. 
The Edinburgh Military Tattoo came out of the annual review of the troops the queen holds, as many of the Scottish regiments have pipe bands. Soon, it was realized that money could be made off this spectacle, and it became a month-long festival.
I truly loved seeing the pipe and marching bands. That was very cool. Where they lost me, however, were the 2 Bollywood numbers in the middle. It begins with all the pipe bands marching in. Very cool. Then the marching bands come in. Also cool. One marching band performs, the a drill team, then dancers. Still cool. Then we have a tribute to Bollywood? Ummmm….not so cool. Back to pipes and Scottish fiddlers. Back to cool. 
The show ends with the massed pipes, bands, choir, and dancers. Then the lone piper plays as a tribute to the military deaths this year, and the marching bands and dancers leave. This leaves probably the coolest part of the show: the pipes and drums (all of them) parade around the esplanade playing “Scotland the Brave” and “The Bonny Prince Charlie” and then parade out of the castle and down the Royal Mile playing. 
I would have preferred more piping and less Bollywood in my Military Tattoo.


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