Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 11, 2015

The Highlands

The Highlands
I’ve discovered where scenery comes from: the Scottish Highlands. We stayed in a castle on Loch Fyne in the Western Highlands. It wasn’t a “castle” like the one we stayed in on the Rhine. It was more a Victorian manor-house “castle.” It was lovely. It sat on a point with the loch views out both sides, and beyond the mountains and rolling green of the highlands. 
The one problem was the drive: 4.5 hours from where the ferry put us off. It wasn’t the mileage: it was only 185 miles away. That’s only about 2.5 hours of driving on a freeway or motorway. This was in the highlands, however, and the roads were narrow, clinging to the side of the firth above the loch, and full of trucks speeding and tourists gawking. 
The real impediment to speed however, were the roundabouts. In our journey to the highlands from the ferry dock, we navigated 55 roundabouts. One would think that because they are more common over here, drivers would navigate them easier. Nope. Just as confused as we are. Not a comforting thought.


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