Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 11, 2015


Glasgow is interesting. It’s Edinburgh’s blue-collar cousin. It’s rougher around the edges, not as civilized. It’s the only city where my guidebook specifically stated it was unsafe to leave the large west-end tourist zone late at night. It also stated to absolutely NOT wear soccer team gear in Glasgow, as many tourists have been harassed or worse for wearing the wrong team colors on a game day.
We saw none of this. All the people we met were kind, friendly, personable, and perfectly willing to chat. We even hit a pub with a soccer match on. It was like going into a sports bar during football season; you can sit anywhere just don’t block the TV, and I don’t want to talk to you. We went upstairs to the non-sports bar seating, but periodically heard the cheering/groans from below.
We retired early to our hotel room. Of course, this wasn’t just any hotel room. We stayed at the CitizenM chain. These hotels are architecturally designed to pack a ton into a small space. Think Tiny House Living. There isn’t a front desk. Just a bank of kiosks to check in and a “CitizenM Ambassador” to help you out. There is a huge amount of common space that is full of funky and new-age furniture, a bar, and meeting rooms. 
Your room is almost a pod. There’s a SUPERSIZED king size bed against the wall under the window, and the bathroom pod has mood lighting. At the foot of the bed is a giant flat-screen TV. Everything is controlled by the iPad mini on the nightstand. Free movies (new-release, I might add; we considered watching the new Mad Max), TV, and radio. Fun little tongue-in-cheek sayings everywhere. The best part though? Blackout shades. 
I would have liked to have stayed longer to see more of Glasgow, and stayed longer at the CitizenM. Of course, they have one in Times Square…


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