Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 11, 2015


Edinburgh is a strange city. It’s got buildings in the old town that are 700-ish years old, and buildings in the New Town that are 400-ish years old. Between these two towns run Princes Street and a ginormous park. 
Nifty, right? Thing is, the park is down in a drained lakebed, and old town is up on a hill. New Town is flat, but nothing to be seen. Guess we’re hiking up the hill. Brutal.
I’ve discovered the REAL reasons Europeans aren’t obese like Americans: they pretty much walk everywhere, and climb stairs to their apartments, and walk up and down hills frequently. If we lived in denser housing and had more walkable cities, we wouldn’t be as fat. We’ve talked to lots of Europeans who want to do our type of trip to the U.S., but it’s nearly impossible without renting a car and driving long distances, which isn’t cost effective in America. It’s too bad, really.


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