Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 11, 2015


The 90’s came late to Dublin
Our last Europe trip included Eastern Europe and the Olympics. During the Olympics we saw men’s pistol shooting. This is an indoor sport and the men wear Addidas warmup suits with their country name on it. We didn’t think anything of it until we got to Eastern Europe and saw that everyone dressed like that. Ok, not everyone, but a significant number for us to remark about it. 
When we got to Dublin, we noticed that the fashion in town was decidedly what we would consider 1990’s. In fact, we felt like we had dropped into an episode of “I Love the 90’s.” Permed hair? Check. Cropped shirts with high-waisted jeans? Check. Addidas track suits with Addidas shoes and Addidas bag? Check. Chunky sandals with floral skirts and short-sleeved knit shirts? Check. Tattoo-style choker necklaces? Check. Logoed sweatpants? Check. Trucker hats? Check.
Travis and I had already struggled with feeling out of place because of our clothes. In Dublin we felt very out of place for different reasons. I actually ran across most of my clothes that were “fashionable” in Dublin when I cleaned out my closet at my 

parent’s house in April. At first we thought it was just the area we were staying in. Nope. Saw new articles of that clothing in the shopping mall. 
Overall, it was very disconcerting to see. If it weren’t for the iPhones and other technology in use, we would have felt that we had entered a time-warp and been transported back to the 1990’s…


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