Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 4, 2015

The largest henge in the world…

The largest Henge in the world…
I hesitate to say that Stonehenge was disappointing, but it was a bit like seeing the Mona Lisa. It’s smaller than you expect, and sits alone in the middle of a treeless plain. The physical presence of it is very underwhelming. 

What is amazing about it, however, is the fact that people who hadn’t invented the wheel yet, managed to transport HUGE stones a couple hundred miles. They the used stone hammers and chisels to shape and join the stones. The didn’t just set the overhead stones on top and hope for the best. They made tongue and groove joins to keep the lintels from sliding off in the future. 

I guess something was right, since it’s been standing there alone in the field for about 3000 years.


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