Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 4, 2015

Camden town

Camden Town
London is famous for its various markets. The covent garden flower market was made famous in the musical “My Fair Lady” and Portabello Market was featured in the movie “What a Girl Wants”. 

The one that doesn’t get mentioned in guidebooks is Camden Town Market. Rick Steves mentions it, but only in non-complimentary terms, and the tonier books like Frommer or Fodors don’t mention it more than a blurb on where it is, and when it’s open.

Camden town is not touristed, though there were a couple of tour groups we saw, we were at the market with the locals. And what locals there were!

Camden Town isn’t flowers, or antiques, or vegetables, most of which tourists come to purchase and see. This is arts and crafts with a punk spin. One of the first booths you get to is junk jewelry. He’ll size it while you wait. All hand made. There were top hats and steampunk facinators, hand-dyed neckties, rock-a-billy dresses and clothes, converse shoes painted while you wait, and shirts painted while you wait. More than that though, you can get pierced, tattooed, or have a tattoo removed. 

I have noticed that the American trend of having wild colored streaks in one’s hair is not popular here. I’ve gotten my fair share of strange looks for my blue and purple hair. In Camden Town, my hair is positively tame. On Saturdays the market also has live musicians, street performers, and all of young London out for a walk on the wild side. I’ll take that over the flower market any day!


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