Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 13, 2012


Salzburg music festival


So, I read about a biergarten run by monks that brew their own beer, and have for the past 600 years. It’s on top of the Monksburg hill. Travis and I decided to go try it. We followed the directions in the guidebook, only to discover that it was ever not where the book said, was closed, or we just couldn’t navigate. We then followed the signs to the hostel ( that had a cafe overlooking the city) around the hill and higher up. At the hostel, the signs were out, but no one was around. Continuing on our walk, we ended up at the seminary for new priests. We climbed down the hill, and had dinner at a chain restaurant. We returned to our hotel and fell into bed. We had nearly a full day in Salzburg, and we realize that it was plenty for us.


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