Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 13, 2012

By the Numbers

By the numbers


Number of miles travelled (total): 18,522 round trip, all flights and driving

Number of miles driven: 3322

Number of countries visited: 8

Number of cities visited: 18

Number of towns/villages visited ( intentionally or not): too numerous to count

Number of “Rick Steves” sightings: 28

Number of American make/model cars seen: 6 (including a ’68 Hertz Shelby)

Highest elevation reached: 2058 meters (German Alps)

 Lowest elevation: -2 meters (Amsterdam)

Maximum speed reached: 204 km/h

Number of times the GPS took us on a scenic “tour” of the countryside: 3

Number of highways that ended without warning: 3

Number of Starbucks visited: 12

Number of Starbucks city mugs purchased: 11

Number of days impacted by the same thunderstorm: 5

Number of sedans/station wagons seen pulling camp trailers: 85,642

Percentage of station wagons observed breaking speed laws in Eastern Europe: 99%

Percentage of cars with Netherlands plates towing a trailer in the German Alps: 99%

Weddings crashed: 1 (that we know of)

Number of hotels stayed at: 13

Number of those hotels without elevators: 6

Number of nights spent above the first floor: 24

Number of people under the age of 50 driving a super-sports car: 1

Number of roundabouts we got stuck in: 0

Number of Pain au Chocolate eaten (each): 35

Number of miles walked: my feet would answer, but they’re too tired

Number of priceless memories we have: millions


Thanks for following! We’ve had a blast, and look forward to our next adventure!



  1. Dear Jen and Travis, thanks for keeping me informed…I am loving your adventures! xoxo j


  2. It’s been fun! Almost like being there with you. Looking forward to great pictures

  3. Heh. Great list!

    • Thanks! It was fun to keep track of and publish! It actually went well into our movie, too…

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