Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 13, 2012

Alps castles

Mad King Ludwig and his castle


I’ve come to realize that Ludwig wasn’t crazy. He was a bit eccentric, but really, what royal isn’t? The fact is, he was a teenager obsessed with Wagner, who was the equivalent of a rock star in Germany at the time. Honestly, what teenager isn’t obsessed with rock stars? So Ludwig is a young prince obsessed with Wagner, who lives in a castle with little else to do with his days but hike the alps around the castle and listen to Wagner. When dear-old dad dies and leaves Ludwig king at the age of 18, he was able to do as he wished, not to mention he had the family fortune at his disposal. When viewed that way, his decision to build Neuschwanstein is relatively logical. Of course, by the time it was rolling, one would think that he would have outgrown his obsession and his desire to build a massive castle, but by that time, Ludwig was horribly addicted to opium.  He only spent about a month in his dream castle before his “death” in a sanitarium for the insane, but I do have to hand it to the man: he sure knew how to situate a castle as well as decorate it.


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