Posted by: lifeonislandtime | August 7, 2012




I am surprised at how communism was dealt with in various parts of the continent. 


Germany has done it’s best to eradicate all traces of the Soviet occupation, even going so far as to tear down most of the wall, bulldoze entire blocks of communist apartments, and tear down communist buildings. Berlin looks like a large city built in the ’50’s that needs some updating.


The Czech Republic, however, didn’t see large-scale destruction like Berlin did, so it’s medieval core is still intact. The largest impact the communists had were in the purposes of the buildings and the infrastructure/economic system. Because Prague was the playground of the Soviet party members, it was left in it’s beautiful condition. The lasting effects are from the heavy industry on the area, and many monuments are stained black from industrial soot and smoke.


We have enjoyed our brief stay in Prague, and look forward to returning.



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